Bacardi is happy in her new home

Look at that face. That is the face of a content cat. A cat who feels safe and fortunate in their new forever home.

Bacardi had been in care at the National Cat Adoption Centre for some time before she went to was adopted this weekend. 

Clearly an affectionate cat, Bacardi was becoming more subdued as she spent so long in our care.

Since going home, all that has changed and Bacardi is already showing her loving personality.  

"I am pleased to say that Bacardi has settled in to her new home remarkably well,' said Angela, Bacardi's new companion.

"She already enjoys chasing up the stairs and has experienced viewing the garden from at least four different window sills. I think she really would love to be out there.

"But, most remarkable is her wonderful affectionate nature. You were kidding about her not being a lap cat.

"Well, she'd been with us for about three hours when she climbed onto a lap; this was just the first of three sessions of lap sitting, all of her own choosing. Today she sat on my lap twice.

"I guess she must feel comfortable in her new surroundings."

Sadly, not all stories have such a happy ending, with many cats still in our care. But when a cat finds such a warm and koving home, it is worth celebrating.