Muffin's on a diet

Some cats become overweight either through lack of exercise, over eating or for health reasons.

But when it happens, it is usually better to manage their weight in a sensible fashion. For Muffin, that meant dieting.

This slightly chubby puss has been in her new home for nearly two months now and she is doing well.

"She is ever so happy, as am I,' said Muffin's new owner Cyndee. "She is simply wonderful.

"All my friends already love her to bits and can’t wait for me to book a holiday so that they can look after her.

"Her favourite toy is a bit of string at the end of mousey, which came with her from the NCAC. We run up and down the stairs chasing it, so she is getting plenty of exercise.

"I also lure her outside when I she is willing, although she is quite afraid of road noise, even people walking past.

"She is also afraid of cardboard boxes!

"Her best quirky habit is burrowing under the covers at my feet when I am in bed! She must be baking hot with all that fur, but it will be great for me in winter." 

Unfortunately, despite the exercise and diet plan, the weight loss is going a little slower than we would like.

"She has been registered at PDSA and went for a weigh-in last week, but has not lost any weight,' said Cyndee. "She is still 9.3kg."

"I was very surprised, as she has kept to her strict diet, has been reasonably active and seems smaller. Hopefully it will be different next time."