Old gent Timmy gets another chance

Older cats can face a hard time being rehomed. When they come into care after their owners become sick, die or move home, these lifelong companions are often overlooked in favour of much younger cats.

Eighteen-year-old Timmy was one of the lucky ones when he was spotted by Cathy, a care assistant at the National Cat Adoption Centre.

Here is Timmy's story, in Cathy's words:

"Timmy came into Cats Protection care as he was left to us in his old owners will, so when he died we took Timmy in.

"Unfortunately, at 18 years of age it was highly likely Timmy would spend a considerable number of months in care with us being overlooked in favour of a younger cat. In addition, during kitten season older cats take an additional 6.5 times longer to be homed. 

"Once we found out Timmy also had kidney disease I knew his chances of finding a home were even smaller. So, as soon as our vet made him fit to home I knew I had to help him so took him home myself. 

"Timmy just loves to sunbathe and go out into the garden to explore. He likes curling up between my husband and I on the sofa for very long naps and even has a spurt of playtime with catnip toys. 

"I don’t know how long we will have Timmy in our lives but I do know it will be a much better life for him now he is back in a home environment. 

"Being able to give a home to an older cat is very rewarding and let’s face it they all deserve to have home comforts in their twilight years.

If you would like to rehome an older cat, please visit the National Cat Adoption Centre.

Remember, thanks to a special relationship with Cats Protection, leading insurer PetPlan will cover a cat no matter its age. The first four weeks cover is free and, as long as a new policy is opened before that period expires, the cover will continue into old age.