Reception cat Ollie settles into new home

Word reaches us that Ollie, our former reception cat, is doing very well in his new home.

His new owners shared an update on Ollie's progress. "Ollie is all I hoped for, after my previous cat Bruno died three months ago. 

"He is so friendly and gentle and a real character. I’m amazed how quickly he has settled in. I feel very lucky to have him.

"I expect you are missing him a lot but I know you'll be pleased to hear that he is doing great and has settled in far more quickly than I could ever have imagined.

"Would you believe, as I was typing there was a loud chirrup and Ollie  jumped up on my lap and onto the computer table. Maybe he'll share some words, too.

As predicted, Ollie had a few words to share with the team at the NCAC:

"A big thank you for looking after me so well these last few months and for allowing me into reception, which was where my new owner spotted me.

"He tells me I’m a very good boy and have settled in very well. I’m using my dirt box every time and love sniffing round exploring.

"I’m eating all my special food (and my owner has ordered two further months of the chicken and salmon ones so I will enjoy that). It’s so nice here and I’m so happy.

"I like to follow my owner about a lot and see what he is doing, then rub against his legs for fuss.  It's also good fun to sit in front of the computer screen to stop him typing.

"I like nibbling the plants and, although they have been checked and are safe for cats, they have been put out of my way. Oh well."

Good news all round then!