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Celebrate World Cat Day! Friday 17 February

15 February 2017
Celebrate World Cat Day! Friday 17 February
Let's celebrate World Cat Day!

Friday, 17 February is a special day for cat lovers and our feline friends. 

Anyone who has a cat already knows that they are wonderful creatures. They make lovely pets and perfect companions.

In fact, they can give so much to those with whom they share a home.

All they need is love, care and tenderness, as well as the means to meet their natural behavioural needs.

To get the best from your relationship with your cat you will need a few simple things:

- A loving home
- Time to share with your cat
- The ability to afford their care: food, flea/worm treatment, vaccinations, vet bills, insurance.
- Scratching post
- Toys to keep them occupied and provide an outlet for their natural hunting urges
- Clean beds in which to snuggle down
- Clean litter trays, food bowls and water

If you can provide all of the above and would like to adopt a cat to give them a second chance of happiness, please do visit us on World Cat Day.

Of course, we always welcome visitors at the National Cat Adoption Centre.

Here, everyday is World Cat Day!