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Frankie is a diabetic cat in need of a home

13 June 2017
Frankie is a diabetic cat in need of a home As a diabetic cat, Frankie is reaching out for special attention.

Can you give this pretty grey five-year-old the home she deserves?

Frankie is a sweet little cat who lacks a little confidence. But once she gets to know you and builds up a little trust, she is delightful. She loves strokes, gives great kisses and will jump up for a head bop.

Being diabetic, she is on a special diet  and twice daily insulin injections. Nothing bother here, though. She takes her injections so well, without any problem.

Frankie will need an owner who can accomadate her condition. Of course, it is a commitment: the injections need to be given at strict 12-hourly intervals.

Someone with experience in managing this condition is required for Frankie, although any relevant training can be given by Cats Protection.

She just needs an owner with the confidence to be able to manage and monitor her condition.

Cats with diabetes are one of the hardest groups of cats to get adopted, due to the commitment required to manage the condition and the costs, too.

Owners who have had diabetic cats before are perfect for Frankie, or maybe veterinary personnel.

But  anyone can be trained to give the injections, which really isn’t as scary as you might think. The needle is so small and, given correctly, the cat doesn’t even feel it. Don't worry: we'll show you how.

If you are interested in offering Frankie a home or require any further information please do contact us.

We will be delighted to talk to you.