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Long-term residents need a closer look

02 February 2017
Long-term residents need a closer look As much as we love caring for cats, it makes us happiest to see them rehomed with a loving family who can give them love and attention.

There is a new home for every cat, but some stay in care much longer than others. They can be overlooked for many reasons: they can be too old, too unwell or simply the wrong colour.

None of these should be reason enough for a cat to miss out on a new home with the right family. But these reasons and others like them can be the difference between a loving cat curling up on a warm lap or they live out their years in a care cabin.

At the National Cat Adoption Centre, we are on hand to provide help and advice about rehoming our cats. We work to overcome the concerns that lead to some of our longer residents being overlooked.

Older cats make extremely loving companions, while cats affected by tiresome ailments often can be treated quite easily.

We believe that there is a home out there for every cat. A family for every puss. 

Here are some of the cats who have been with us for far too long.

Take a look, click on the link to their photos and profiles, and consider if you could share your home with them:

Belle (aged four).   Time in care: eight months
Belle is at the NCAC because her owners moved and she found it upsetting. She is a friendly, confident and independent lady who likes things at her own pace. Once she learns to trust she will gladly curl up on your lap for quite a while. She is a loner, though, and would not be suitable alongside other pets or young children. Can you invite Belle to share your home?

Tinker (aged four).   Time in care: seven months
Tinker had a traumatic start in life and will need a lot of extra patience and love. She is nervous of people and takes a little time to trust you. Staff have been spending a lot of time with her, helping her gain confidence and trust. She will need a calm, pet free home. We feel she will be best in an outdoor home (stables, small holding, farm) where she can have space. If you feel that you have the right set up for this beautiful girl, please ask to meet her.

Lucy (aged 13).   Time in care: six months
Lucy came into care because her owner was no longer able to look after her. She used to enjoy fuss but has become a bit timid. She does like to play with her ball, though. Lucy is looking for a quiet home with a garden, as she loved to spend time outside in my previous home. Do you have a home where Lucy can settle and feel safe?

Sally (aged 10).   Time in care: four months
Sally is struggling to find a home. She is looking for an extremely understanding owner who will see past her health issues. She has diabetes, managed with injections and early renal disease. Nobody’s perfect, right? She is such a sweet, affectionate girl and would make a wonderful companion for someone. Please give Sally a chance. You won’t regret it.

Smudge (aged six).   Time in care: four months
Smudge came in to Cats Protection because she was unhappy in her previous home. She is a friendly girl who enjoys strokes and playing with her ball. She likes her independence and to go exploring, so she should start off outside in an outbuilding like a stable or barn and eventually have the choice to come inside your home. Do you have the special home that she is looking for?

Please get in touch. These cats need another chance at a better life. 

Check our features pages for information on how to care for cats like these.