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Minnie is Miss July! Our new Cat of the Month

30 June 2017
Minnie is Miss July! Our new Cat of the Month Minnie is Miss July. Our new Cat of the Month. 

Eight-year-old Minnie came to the National Cat Adoption Centre in February, after her owner died

Understandably, this was a big adjustment for Minnie and it has taken a while for her to fully settle in to centre life.

After starting her on our desensitisation program, she has really started to blossom. Minnue has a specially designed enrichment room in which to spends her days. The room looks out onto our enrichment garden, planted with lots of flowers and shrubs to attract wildlife, as well as bird and squirrel feeders to give her stimulation.

Minnie she has really started to relax and enjoy life in there, and when our team spends time with her, she is very welcoming and pleased to see them. She will even sit on their laps for a while.

With gentle handling, patience and lots of encouragement, Minnie's fears have died down and she is ready for the next stage in her life: a new home. 

Minnie has never lived with other cats, dogs or children. She has only ever lived with one elderly man, which led to her initial struggles to adjust here. it

So Minnie is looking for a quiet home next time, somewhere she can relax and share time.

Does that sound like your home?