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Old boy Charlie gives hope to mature cats

07 September 2016
Old boy Charlie gives hope to mature cats
Older cats still have so much to offer. They can be homely and extremely generous in their affections, and just want a comfortable, safe, loving home in which to enjoy life.

Sadly, these qualities are often overlooked and they can become long-term residents in care.

So it is always pleasing to see one of our more mature residents rehomed.

That was the case with Charlie, a gorgeous 18-year-old boy who came into our care because his owners separated and Charlie was left without a home. 

Charlie is such a gorgeous boy but, at his advanced age, we were worried for his prospects of finding a new home.

Even though he has an amazing personality, is very friendly, loves attention and to be groomed, we knew that age would stifle his chances and keep him at the NCAC for longer. 

Being older meant that Charlie had a few health complaints, but nothing too serious, and nothing to prevent him enjoy the twilight years in a loving family home.

And then one day a lovely family came to the NCAC wanting to really help a cat in need. Lucky for Charlie, he was that cat.

They loved him at first sight and adopted him as soon as possible. Age wasn't an issue for this family, once they saw what a loving character Charlie was.

Thanks to that family, Charlie now has a chance to see out his days in a loving home - And we couldn’t be more delighted.

If there is a message from this story it is that all the team at the National Cat Adoption Centre would say please consider our older cats. Don’t write them off. They need and deserve a home too.

You can be confident that our vets have given all our cats a thorough health check, so you will have an up-to-date record of their health from the moment you chose to adopt them.

Also, our cats all come with four weeks free pet insurance with PetPlan, which is guaranteed to continue regardless of your cat's age, if you so wish. Many other insurance companies do not insure older cats, which is why we chose PetPlan as our partner.

When you take out insurance after the initial four weeks, you will receive another four weeks free, plus the NCAC will benefit from a percentage each time you renew your policy. So in some small way you are still continuing to help the charity and the cats in our care.

So please, don't walk past an older cat. They have a lot of love still to share.