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Our Cat Cam is Live!

06 July 2016
Our Cat Cam is Live! The National Cat Adoption Centre is LIVE!

Our Cat Cam is a chance for you to get your daily fix of cutenexx and see what it is really like for cats in our care.

Cameras will be streaming live from the NCAC between 8.15am and 4.45pm daily.

There are two tiny cameras in the interior pen space, so you can really see what the cat is up to. For those who have not visited our centre, the cat flap that you will see the cat using in the pen allows access to a back run, where they can stretch their legs and have access to all their resources.

There they have a litter tray, water bowl, shelves on which to perch up high, hiding places, a scratching post and toys. They also have a window onto the world, where they can watch and meet visitors and our dedicated team of helpers.

From the ‘top cam’ view you will often find a cat curled-up contently on our feline fort, which has been developed specifically to minimise stress for the cat while in our care.

The ‘whisker cam’ view shows the hideaway part of the fort – often the place you will find them slumbering in the afternoon after having had a play with their toys.

There might be some sleepy cats or playful cats, clever or mischievous moggies but we have no doubt you will want to keep watching!

Here's the link again: http://www.cats.org.uk/cats-live

Meet Jemima - Our current cam cat
Hello my name is Jemima. I came into the NCAC as a stray and I'm just over a year old.

I am a very sweet and friendly girl that enjoys fusses, strokes and lots of play. You should see me chase my ball around.

I would like a house with a garden to explore and a family to love me - I may get on with older children.

Do come and say hello. I'm very keen to meet you!