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Teddy Ruxpin: our new sponsor cat

08 May 2017
Teddy Ruxpin: our new sponsor cat
Meet Teddy Ruxpin, our new sponsor cat in need of a home.

Teddy is a wonderful boy, but he likes to have some control over his world. He dislikes noise and chaos and is prone to stress.

That doesn't stop him playing with feathers and toys, though.

He has suffered from cystitis and an episode with a blocked bladder nearly proved fatal for him.

Sadly, his owner could no longer afford the vet care so had to make the decision to rehome Teddy.

Due to his condition and the potential reoccurance, Teddy is being overlooked at the NCAC.

People are scared to take him on, which is a shame as he is a wonderful cat and will give a lot of joy.

We are looking to home him  somewhere without stress to limit the chances of any health issues.  

According to his last ower, Teddy's favourite pastime is to sit next to you and watch TV. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Do you have a nice quiet and stable home for Teddy?

There is a home waiting for him. We know it.