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Teddy Ruxpin needs a home

10 April 2017
Teddy Ruxpin needs a home Can you give Teddy Ruxpin the home he deserves?

Poor Teddy is the most overlooked cat at the NCAC and it truly baffles us. Just look at him: he's gorgeous.

Teddy has been here so long, he has seen more than 170 cats go to their new homes, but he is left waiting to be picked for his forever home.

This 11 year old boy is a total sweetheart who loves to sit on your lap and be fussed. He enjoys playing with his special feather toy and we believe he wants nothing more than to curl up on a sofa alongside his new family, watching television.

Teddy is looking for a home without children or other animals. He has a history of cystitis - although he has been fine during time in our care - so he prefers a stress-free life. 

Do you think that sounds like you? Please consider giving Teddy a home.