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UPDATE: Tabitha gets a new outdoor home

07 September 2016
UPDATE: Tabitha gets a new outdoor home
We are delighted to be able to upate our previous appeal for Tabitha, one of a number of cats in our care who needed an outdoor home.

Tabitha finally left the National Cat Adoption Centre and went to her new home in the countryside this week.

She is pictured in her basket being transported to her new home by our cat care assistant Cathy Hill.

Her new owners spotted our online appeal and they had just the perfect home that we were looking for. 

There are lots of other animals there: geese,chickens and even a goat, so plently of new friends for her.

As you can see from these photos, she's in her element.

If you feel inspired by Tabitha's story, please consider the other cats in our care who need an outdoor life on a farm, where they can be safe and warm, but free to wander - and even pop inside for a cuddle, if they want it.

Get in touch if you can help them, too.

Here is the original story:

Meet Tabitha, an unfortunate cat who has found herself at the National Cat Adoption Centre for the third time.

Due to her unusual needs, we are looking for a special home for Tabitha. Truly, she deserves it.

Tabitha is looking for a home where she can start off in an outdoor environment with plenty of space and freedom.

In time, she may feel confident enough to spend time indoors with her new family.

At the moment, Tabitha is spending time in our enrichment room: an area that has been specially developed with those cats in mind who are not adjusting so well to life at the centre.

There are a lot of hiding spaces, spaces to get up high, suncatchers to stimulate the mind and lots of toys.

Also, there is chance as to look out on to the enrichment garden, which has been planted to attract wildlife and with bird feeders to add interest.

Tabitha loves this room and is a much much happier cat in there, especially with special visitors who spend time with her. 

She is so affectionate, loves to climb up on laps, or lay across the chest of her visitors, giving great head nudges, purrs and the occasional dribble.

She loves to play with cardboard boxes and straws, and is a real delight.

But the one thing we cannot offer is for her to go outside and play. 

Ideally, we are looking for a farm or stables where there is a home onsite.

If you think you could offer a special home for Tabitha, please contact us on 01825 741331 or email for more info: cattery.reception@cats.org.uk