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Tessie Bear is May's Cat of the Month

19 May 2017
Tessie Bear is May Tessie Bear is such a pretty girl in need of a home that we've made her Cat of the Month for May. 

Tessie came to the NCAC in January, when her owner had to go into care.

She has been used to the quiet life, so it has been quite an adjustment for her to get used to cattery life.

Thankfully, Tessie is doing better now, and is hiding less. She can even be seen sitting in her pen, watching the comings and goings.

Tessie really is a delightful cat. Her previous owner has told us that she likes a lap to sit on and will give your hands a good wash too for good measure.

She used to love to go out in the garden and could often be seen rolling in the grass, so a garden is a must.

Tessie has watched so many cats go home, when will it be her turn?

She only wants a quiet loving home, a place to call her own where she can feel safe and secure.

Surely, that cannot be too much to ask. Oh, yes... and a lap on which to snuggle. Cat heaven.