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Benji is our new sponsor cat

16 February 2018
Benji is our new sponsor cat Beautiful Benji is our new sponsor cat.

Benji transferred to the NCAC from our Downham Market centre. He came into care as his owner was having a baby and, sadly, felt she could not keep him.

Six-year-old Benji is a confident lad, loves people, and will greet you with lots of chirps and rolling over. But he is a frustrated lad, too.

He has been an indoor only cat until now, which has left its behavioral footprint on him. What he needs is a home with lots of stimulation and outside space, so he can go on his adventures. He is too active and clever to be in a pen or stuck indoors.

He also loves catnip and puzzle feeders to make meal times more exciting!

Benji will need an owner who will show some understanding in the settling in period until he can get outside to play and investigate his new environment. He's a playful chap, full of life.

Do you have space in your heart and home to give Benji a home? Please get in touch to discuss a rehoming plan.