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CatCam Goes Live!

18 February 2017
CatCam Goes Live! We are going live!

This is your chance to get your cute-cat fix and see what it is really like for cats in our care.

Cameras will be streaming when our staff are onsite 8.15am-4.45pm every day.


There are two cameras in the interior pen space, so you can really see what the cat is up to. They are tiny pin-hole cameras that go unnoticed by our cats - apart from a few curious kittens perhaps.

The cat flap that you will see the moggy using allows access to a back run, where they can stretch their legs and have access to all their resources such as a litter tray, water bowl, shelves to perch up high, hiding places, scratching post and toys or simply have a change of scenery where they can look out to interesting outdoor views.

When a cat finds a new home and vacates the pen, our staff have a strict cleaning process to ensure that it’s ready for the new occupant.

Firstly, all items that do not go home with the previous occupant are removed and the bedding is taken to the laundry room for thorough cleaning. The empty pen is then wiped over to remove any dirt and debris.

Once this is done, it is ready to be washed out – using a disinfectant designed especially for animal accommodation – and left to soak.

It is then carefully rinsed out with water to ensure that all traces of cleaner are removed and dried off. We then add a clean Feline Fort to the pen along with fleece bedding, bowls, toys and blankets – and we’re ready for the next cat!

All camera-ready cats are looking for their forever homes. There might be some sleepy cats or playful cats, clever or mischievous moggies but we have no doubt you will want to keep watching!

More about the cat pen…

The glass viewing door where you will often see members of the Cats Protection team and the public has an opacity panel on the lower part. This means that they don’t have a view of their neighbour in the opposite pen.

From the ‘top cam’ view you will often find a cat curled-up contently on our Feline Fort®. The Feline Fort® has been developed specifically to minimise stress for the cat while in our care.

The ‘whisker cam’ view shows the hideaway part of the fort – often the place you will find them slumbering in the afternoon after having had a play with their toys.