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Get your cat neutered with our help!

24 October 2011
Get your cat neutered with our help! Thinking of having your cat neutered but struggling with the cost? We can help!

We have a number of part-cost neutering vouchers to give away. These will give you £20 off neutering a male cat and £25 towards the cost of neutering a female cat.

An unneutered female cat can be responsible for over 20,000 descendants in only five years! Neutering remains the single most effective way to stop the unplanned kittens of today from becoming the unwanted cats of tomorrow. Not only is it a safe, painless way of controlling the cat population, it also helps reduce your household costs, as caring for a mother and kittens is very expensive. In addition, neutering has many health benefits for both male and female cats.

Cats Protection recommend neutering from four months of age.

Please phone us on 03000 12 12 12 for further details about the vouchers.

Our public neutering helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am until 1pm