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Help diabetic Bramble find a new home

15 January 2018
Help diabetic Bramble find a new home
Eleven-year-old Bramble needs your help. He is a super little cat, very sweet and friendly and a real joy, and would make a great addition to any family.

He is also diabetic, which makes finding a home all the more difficult.

Bramble is after a very special home with caring owners who will be able to manage his condition, and give him twice-daily injections. Bramble is such a good boy. He takes his injections in his stride and loves his special food.

Sadly, we know that Bramble will be at the NCAC a lot longer than he deserves to be. The commitment needed due to his condition limits his offers of a home, which is such a shame. A family is missing out on a wonderful cat: Bramble has so much to offer.  

Life with a diabetic cat isn't different to homing any other cat. Bramble loves to play, loves to eat, loves to go outside and, more importantly, loves cuddles. 

He has a lot of love to give and, as long as you can factor in his twice-daily injections, he will be a very happy cat. 

At the NCAC  we can give a prospective new owner advice on giving the injections. We will also be there to support the new owner once Bramble is home.

If you feel you can offer a home to one of our diabetic cats, please do contact us on 01825 741331 or email cattery.reception@cats.org.uk