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Jess is our new Sponsor Cat

02 November 2018
Jess is our new Sponsor Cat Jess is our new Sponsor Cat.

This very sweet six-year-old girl who came to us as her owners were moving and she couldn't go with them. 

Sadly, Jess has been diagnosed with kidney disease, and this can put off some people from committing to rehoming her. 

She is on a special diet and will need regular monitoring by a vet, but she is otherwise a normal homely cat. 

We are keen to rehome her soon, as the stress of being at the NCAC will not be helping her condition. In a loving home environment the future will be much brighter.

She can be a little nervous but once she gets to know you, she can be very loving and will rub around your ankles to say hello.   

So, can you help Jess?