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Long-term residents need a closer look

12 March 2018
Long-term residents need a closer look As much as we love caring for cats, it makes us happiest to see them rehomed with a loving family who can give them love and attention.

There is a new home for every cat, but some stay in care longer than others. They can be overlooked for many reasons: age, ailments or simply the wrong colour.

None of these should be enough for a cat to miss out on a new home with the right family. But they can be the difference between a loving cat curling up on a warm lap or they live out their years in a care cabin.

At the National Cat Adoption Centre, we provide help and advice about rehoming our cats, working to overcome the concerns that lead to some of our longer residents being overlooked.

We believe that there is a home out there for every cat. A family for every puss. 

Here are some of the cats who have been with us for far too long.

Take a look at these long-term resident cats and consider if you could share your home with them (further information and images can be found via the links):

Sophie is approaching 6 years old. A very loving girl, she tends to form a very close relationship with one person, as she did with her past owner who brought her to the NCAC when she couldn’t rent a home with Sophie. Now she has developed that same relationship with one of our desensitising volunteers, and when she comes to visit Sophie everyday, she literally jumps into her arms and stays there. Now we are looking for an owner she can develop that heartwarming relationship with for life.  

Gizmo is 7 years old. He is finding life at the NCAC stressful and he is not enjoying pen life at all. Gizmo is a big boy and needs to get out and stretch his legs, survey his kingdom and meet his natural instincts of hunting. Not being able to do those things is hard for Gizmo. He is full of life and exuberance, and will benefit from a home with lots of space, possibly starting out in an outbuilding or barn, with lots of people around for stimulation and interaction. If there is a family home nearby, he can have choice and the best of both worlds. 

Davey is nearly 1 year old. He is a super excitable kitten with lots of energy and intelligence,he is so full of spirit he needs more space than a pen can supply him. We are looking for an outdoor set up for Davey, to meet this need with a home on site, so that he can have the best of both worlds, as he certainly loves people,and interacting with you,but the outdoor space will meet his behavioural needs.

Please get in touch. These cats need another chance at a better life. 

Check our features pages for information on how to care for cats like these.