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Pawsome Tea Party: April 2018

06 February 2018
Pawsome Tea Party: April 2018
If you like tea and cake - and who doesn't - then this is the fundraising event for you. Cats Protection is launching  its popular Pawsome Tea Party for the second year.

To hold your own tea party, all you have to do is choose a date in April, then invite your friends, relatives and neighbours to join you.

As well as tea, cake and good company, you can meet in the knowledge that you are raising funds for a very good cause.

Maybe you could hold a special tea party at your workplace. What a way to brighten up an otherwise ordinary day in the office.

These events are so important to Cats Protection.

They raise vital funds for us to continue our work and care for the cats and kittens at our numerous centres and branches around the country. 

EllisThey also promote our profile in the local community and invite new supporters to Cats Protection.

If you would like more information on holding your own tea party, contact www.pawsometea.org, where you can nominate for all the funds you raise at your tea party to come to the National Cat Adoption Centre.

What better time to visit us than to support The Pawsome Tea Party and to meet the cats in our care. 

The National Cat Adoption Centre is a wonderful place to visit.

From the visitor centre to a wonderfully stocked gift shop selling super gifts and supplies for your new cat, the Top Cat café sells hot and cold food, tasty homemade cakes, and a wide range of teas and coffees

PippaThrough our relationship with The Donkey Sanctuary, we have our resident donkeys Star, Holly and Twinkle, who happily welcome visitors. 

We also have a herd of Hebridean sheep grazing on the land.

There is a picturesque lake and a captivating nature trail.

All in all a wonderful day out, even if you are not looking to adopt a feline friend.

If we leave you feeling inspired, maybe host your own tea party. www.pawsometea.org