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Share our Christmas animation

24 November 2018

Cats Protection's Christmas 2018 animation is here.

We hope you enjoy this emotional and heart-warming tale of a girl and her cat, created to highlight the important role our cats play as friends and family members.

With this animation, we aim to show the world that our allegedly aloof feline companions are also a source of support and comfort to those who need them most. 

This year’s Christmas animation is inspired by previous National Cat Awards winners, Evie and her cat, Genie.

Evie faced a huge battle after being diagnosed with bone cancer in March 2016.

Evie’s cat Genie really helped her cope. During painful treatments, Evie would watch video footage of her beloved pet from her hospital bed, and Genie’s fur moulting helped Evie feel less isolated when she lost her own hair.

Evie and Genie’s tale is testament to the importance of the bond between humans and cats.

Watch and share Evie and Genie's story here: