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Smudge's Diary - Why am I still here?!

05 September 2018
Smudge Smudge's Diary


Day 184: I am still sitting here at the cattery watching people come through those doors and leave with another cat in their basket. Why can’t it ever be me? I am lucky if someone even asks to meet me…

The nice people that look after me and give me attention keep telling me that someone will choose me soon, I do hope that will happen… please!

I have counted 496 other cats leave whilst I have been waiting patiently. I try to be bouncy and look happy to see everyone but I am just a little stiff fro

Oops… dropped the pen, where was I? Oh yes it isn’t my fault that I am a little stiff from sitting in a pen all day and night, I long to run around and be free in my new home.

If I could have one wish it would definitely be for someone lovely to come in and want to take me home! I would be quite happy if the person was out most of the day also, I am not picky, I can amuse myself so don’t worry. I just want to be loved and go home.

I think I will have a little nap now… might have a play to… hmmm…