Sponsored Pen Cats

Kind-hearted supporters often ask how they can help us to care for more homeless cats and kittens in our care at the National Cat Adoption Centre.
So we came up with our Sponsor a Pen scheme to encourage supporters to see their money in action.

Every year, we provide hundreds of needy cats and kittens with a clean, comfortable and safe place to stay in the form of a warm and bright cat pen. 
Our Sponsor a Pen scheme allows us to care for cats in an environment built to meet their needs until a permanent new home can be found.

We provide warm bedding, attentive carers, regular meals, medical attention, entertainment and much, much more.

We could not do this without donations from our many wonderful supporters.  But there is always more to do, and more ways for our supporters to help.

Fred came to us as the victim of a road traffic accident. His injuries were so bad, his wounds infested with maggots, that we had to amputate his left hind leg and he needed stitches in another leg.

Thankfully, he is a strong lad and has recovered well from this injuries. Now we want to find him a new home where he can spend the remainder of his nine lives.

Fred is confident, friendly and loves head tickles and fuss.

Having been a stray with freedom to roam, he is getting a bit frustrated being in a pen.

Fred will need a patient owner who will work with him to see him through his frustrations.

He will need some understanding, in the settling-in period until he can go outside to play and investigate his new environment. 

Can you help Fred? 

We would love to hear from you about our helping the cats in our Sponsor a Pen scheme. Please contact: cpsponsor@cats.org.uk
Our sponsor cats are waiting to be met in their cabins in Cat Walk and Cat Alley.